Case Studies

Everything is actionable

With every project and engagement, our goal is to improve everything we can, and leave our clients with actionable strategies, plans, and suggestions.

Many of our projects are under strict confidentiality agreements. Therefore, we will tell the stories as best as NDAs allow. You’ll be on this page someday, so we are sure you understand.

Recent Clients

Business design for a fintech startup

  • 6-week project in 2023.
  • Generative qualitative research.
  • Interviews with 35 participants.
  • Narrowed the target audiences.
  • Designed the startup’s ecosystem, business model, and product roadmap.

Helping a famous two-sided eCommerce marketplace better understand their sellers

  • 4-month project in 2020.
  • Generative and evaluative qualitative research.
  • Observations and interviews with 71 participants.
  • Follow-up moderated and unmoderated card sort.

Elevating customer-centricity and UX at StepStone

  • 6-month full-time consulting project in 2022.
  • Research, diagnosis, strategy, and plan for how to improve customer-centricity and the UX department at StepStone.
  • Interviewed over 70 workers, leaders, and executives.

Head of Experience Design and internal change agent at Immersion Group

  • 32 hours per week in 2021.
  • Research, diagnosis, strategy, and plan for how to improve internal operations.
  • Directly managed 6 people including the CX, UX, and UI practice managers.

Lead UX Researcher at Arizona State University’s Enterprise Technology Department

  • Led a team of Researchers, who were ASU staff as well as our Delta CX team.
  • Generative and evaluative research for high-profile, high-priority ASU project.
  • Five main studies over 11 months.

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