Services for Startups and Early Stage Companies

Delta CX can help with:

  • Customer retention. You can find people who will give you a try, but will they stay? Do they need what you offer?
  • Product-market fit. How do we create products and services that best match target audiences, and create adoption, satisfaction, and retention? This often requires generative, exploratory, or discovery research that reveals how your target audiences do something now, where that works or fails, and what opportunities you might have in the market.
  • CX, UX, or product strategy. How do we create a customer-centric strategy and roadmap?
  • Lack of CX or UX experts on staff. You probably have Visual, Brand, or Marketing Designers. They are often not experts in behavioral research, information architecture, interaction design, usability, accessibility, or product strategy.
  • CX/UX leadership positions. We can be your Fractional CXO, Head of Design, Director of UX, etc. Or we can help you find that right person. We write job descriptions, review applicants, interview candidates, and suggestion who to cut, keep, or hire.
  • Realistic prototyping of digital concepts to win investors. Before you burn Engineering time on an early concept or idea, we can create a realistic prototype. This can be usability tested to determine if you’re headed in the right direction and how you can improve. Or it can be used in pitches to preview how a website, system, or app would work.

Delta CX has been working with startups and new business ventures for decades.

Our approach is holistic and strategic. We want to save you the time and money startups and younger companies often waste chasing guesses.

Reduce risk and waste by using more of the User-Centered Design process. Be evidence-based, data-driven, and informed by knowledge about your users and their real needs, tasks, and perspectives.

Featured case study

Business design for a fintech startup

  • 6-week project in 2023.
  • Generative qualitative research.
  • Interviews with 35 participants.
  • Narrowed the target audinces.
  • Designed the startup’s ecosystem, business model, and product roadmap.

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