Process Improvement and Change Management

You want to be Agile, Lean, product-led, customer-centric, innovative, experimental, and invest more in excellent product discovery. But how?

Delta CX knows that change creation and management require a lot more than books and training.


We start by getting to know you and learning about your internal change goals. We interview leaders and workers at various levels to learn what’s really going on within management and your teams. We investigate your processes, team structure, metrics, and more.


We create a strategy, plan, and initiatives. We map what we call Change Dependencies: small and large blockers keeping you making change. We’ll look at where your company can reduce risk, mistakes, and waste.

Initiatives normally include a fresh or revised Process Playbook that details approaches, tools, where we collaborate versus where we want specialists doing what they do best, and our standards for high-quality work.

Training and Change Management

We can hand you a slide deck with our suggestions and wave goodbye, but we prefer longer relationships.

We can deliver training so that everybody is on the same page. We can help and coach individuals, teams, and leaders as they try new ways of working, communicating, and measuring. We can support you as you make process, staffing, and culture changes.

Governance and Accountability

Many CX programs fail due to lack of support, budget, and accountability. If you are ready for small or large change, then you will need to invest in oversight, accountability, and governance.

Go beyond being product-led to being value-led: how much value we can frequently create for customers and users of all types. Our definition of accountability tells us what to do when a person or process works against that value.

Delta CX helps you improve adoption, satisfaction, and retention.

True discovery, not can we discover if people like this idea we have or stole.

True customer-centricity, not can we make customers pawns we push around until someone says our numbers look good.

Easier attraction, satisfaction, and retention because we offer great products, services, and experiences that understand and exceed customers’ unmet needs.

True innovation, not another small optimization.

Experimentation with strong foundations, not guesses and hopes.

Understanding potential and current customers and users by observing and interviewing them, not guessing about them.

Replace claims of “we know our customers” with actually knowing them and their tasks, perspectives, and unmeet needs really well.

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