Fractional CXO or CPO

You needleadership but don't yet have the headcount or budget for someone full-time.

Building and supporting CX, UX, and Product processes and teams

Reduce Financial Risk

Reduce financial risk by initiating or augmenting CX, UX, or Product leadership with our experts.

On-demand leadership can create company, department, team, and project strategy, plan and manage projects, and oversee and coach workers.

Interns, Apprentices, Juniors, Mid-Levels, and Seniors benefit from a few hours hours each week in 1:1 and team work reviews with a leader-coach.

They might also need help with presentation skills, collaboration, confidence, decision-making, planning, time management, and handling conflicts.

Hire juniors and apprentices without the risk of poor quality work.

Strategizing Products and Services

Startups with a CEO and CTO need a CPO or CXO to help strategize evidence-based product and service direction.

More mature companies with a CPO and CTO also need a CXO. Balance out your triad. Some CPOs are more focused on achieving business goals than creating customer and user experiences that lead to easier adoption and retention, and higher satisfaction. Your CXO represents the voice of the customer and their tasks, perspectives, and unmet needs.

Shift from being engineering-led or product-led to being value-led: how much value can we consistently create for customers, users, and partners.

Our Experts

Our leader-coaches have 10+ years each working in product strategy, CX, and/or UX. Many are or have previously been educators, trainers, and mentors.

We remotely act as your team’s leader/manager, helping them with their work and any problems. We help improve their craft and “soft” skills.

We are paid hourly for the time we spend, or we offer a discount for prepaid packages of hours.

Helping You Hire

We write job descriptions.

We’ll review resumes, CVs, and portfolios to weed great candidates in.

We’ll narrow down the candidate pool through phone screens or first interviews.

For CX and UX, we advise against design challenges. If you must use them, we will help you create ethical ones and assess candidates’ work.

Delta CX brings CX, UX, and Product leadership to companies of all sizes and maturity.

Consultation calls and proposals arecompletely free and without obligation.

We'd love to hear more about your needs, goals, and projects. Contact us or book a call.