CX/UX and Agile

Delta CX can help when:

  • Flavors of Agile exclude and misunderstand CX/UX professional and processes. They say “customer-centricity” and “customer satisfaction,” but how do we do this and do it well?
  • You’re product-led but not customer-centric. Our teams are driven by delivering products or services, but we know that we are often not considering or meeting real users’ needs.
  • NPS and satisfaction scores are low or stagnant. We ship product but we are not making customers as happy as we should. Recent app ratings are low. Customer support is overwhelmed.
  • The full arc of a project is over time and over budget. By the time we run with an idea, build, test, merge, release, and wait for customers’ reactions, the project is longer than we planned. And when the feedback we get isn’t good news, now we have a new (possibly emergency) project to figure out what we did wrong and fix it.
  • Teams prioritize speed over quality. Agile has helped us work faster, but we’ve lost sight of quality and value as our customers define them. Features that don’t meet customers’ standards are declared “good enough” by internal teams and leaders. We claim we’ll fix it later, but problems and complaints languish eternally in the backlog and icebox.
  • CX/UX staff are incorrectly utilized. CX/UX staff are often treated as grunt working order takers. If you have hired talented and skills CX/UX professionals, they should be problem finders and solvers. It’s the Lean sin of underutilized talent if we are not letting these teammates help us find and mitigate risk and waste earlier.
  • There’s external or internal disempowerment. CX/UX aren’t team leaders or in a triad or quad. The customer is not in the conversation. We are focused on KPIs and what makes stakeholders happy.

Delta CX has books and training on happily marrying Customer and User Experiences with Agile and Lean methods.

Our approach is holistic and strategic. We come into companies to diagnose what is holding them back from customer-centricity and improved customer satisfaction and retention. We create a detailed strategy and plan to create improvements in internal processes, team structure, and empowerment.

We train cross-functional teams on improving their collaboration and approaches. Some companies only want our training, but the training is most effective when paired with governance, oversight, and change management in place.

Reduce risk and waste by using more of the User-Centered Design process. Learn how to be more evidence-based, data-driven, and informed by knowledge about your users and their real needs, tasks, and perspectives.

Consultation calls and proposals arecompletely free and without obligation.

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